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"I don't feel equipped...I have no idea how to help my child...and I can't find anyone who gets it!"

Sound familiar? If you're anything like us, you jumped into the foster and adoptive journey with both feet and a heart full of love. But pretty soon you discovered a few things...

  • This is harder than you expected...
  • Finding resources that actually help you better understand your child is like finding a unicorn...
  • The training you received before you adopted or began fostering was outdated, made zero sense, or was irrelevant to your circumstance...
  • There's hardly anyone you can talk to who won't be shocked when you're honest about what's really going on with your child!  

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place you could turn to, day or night, to find resources that made sense, training that actually helped, and people just like you who could help you maximize your success as a parent?  

Finally...there is!

I'm passionate about connecting foster/adoptive parents to real community with others who 'get it!' Well, Oasis IS THAT COMMUNITY. These people get it. Not only do they offer amazing resources, and training opportunities, every single month, but they have a team of people who are committed to walking with you, mentoring you, and supporting you on this journey. Oasis is a must-have for parents who want to succeed! 

- Andrew Schneidler (Co-Founder of The Refresh Conference)

Oasis Is The Answer You've Been Looking For!

Designed by foster & adoptive parents for foster & adoptive parents, Oasis is the only virtual support system that offers comprehensive support 24-7, 365 days a year! We offer this 3 different ways... 

Your Virtual Support System provides you unlimited access to...

  • PRACTICAL RESOURCES such as downloadable easy-to-read guides, state-by-state clinician and post-adoptive service directories, bonus video series, and more! Our team of curators keep this content up-to-date and relevant.
  • RELEVANT TRAINING from some of the world's biggest leaders and influencers in understanding trauma, attachment, FASDs, healthy bonding, and more. We also provide certificates for CEUs or liscense credits! 
  • PARENT-TO-PARENT SUPPORT from fellow foster and adoptive parents who are committed to walking with you, mentoring you, and encouraging you every single week!

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"I love adoption, and one of our daughters joined our family through international adoption. As much as our family has found a rhythm, there are times when we find ourselves in situations where we feel lost. When I heard about Oasis Community I knew it would be a solace for the times when the going gets tough. Most of all, it is a place where I know I am not alone. My first time inside Oasis I felt I’d finally found a place where I could connect with other parents like me and a place where I could learn and grow as I parent a child who comes from a hard place. The interviews and the resources are exactly what I needed. The content, resources, and community is what many of us adoptive parents need."!!

- Ellen Stumbo (Author, Blogger, Special Needs Advocate, and Adoptive Mom)

Hi! We're Mike and Kristin, and we're here to support you...

We've been there! Isolated...lonely...and frustrated! For years we trudged through each day, working hard to love our kids to the best of our ability, but feeling hopeless. We had no answers for our children's behavior. We had no resources to give us practical insight, or steps to better lead our kids. Most of all, we felt like no one in the world understood us, or the adoption journey. It was bleak. That's when we discovered the power of support. But not just ANY support. We needed resources that were tangible, training that was applicable to our situation from pros who got it, and ongoing connection to other parents who understood the ins and outs of this journey. That's why we created Oasis....  

And we have an entire team here to help you. Meet our entire team:

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More than 800 foster and adoptive parents from all around the world have joined Oasis. Here's what they are saying...

Tim (Oasis Member from Indiana)

"Oasis is AMAZING!!!! It has met a great need in my life which is to have instant access to people who know what I'm going through. To know that as time goes on, and we encounter new struggles within our family, that I can quickly find someone to talk to is so encouraging!!"

- Liza (Oasis Member from Texas)

Marissa (Oasis Member from Georgia)

"Ah. A place to exhale. A place where I'm understood, validated, not alone. A point of connection with my spouse, for us to watch together, learn together, be encouraged together. A lifeline for this rewarding but very complex and stressful calling called adoption."

- Heather (Oasis Member from Alberta, CA )

"Deep, rich, REAL content/resources and opportunity to have online or one on one conversations. No to do lists here, just real life people sharing the journey. It is time to take a look at Oasis community! Come on in, and see what it is like."

- Carrie (Adoptive Mother, Speaker, & Self-Care trainer)

"Being part of Oasis let's me be "normal" and belong...a HUGE gift for a mother of many adoptees who doesn't fit in with most groups. I'm not alone!"

- Brandy (Oasis Member from Washington State)

"I am so grateful for the Oasis community. I love that I can reach out and people can relate to me. It's not just some expert who has never lived it. These are people that have lived it. Thank you for starting this wonderful community of parents who desperately need each other."

- Jennifer (Oasis Member from Arizona)

"From the day one on Oasis I have never felt alone. Joining this community was a really good decision for my husband and I. It is comforting knowing there is a community of equipped and educated professionals in the trenches with us on this journey. The interviews and trainings are insightful, inspirational and encouraging."

- Lisa (Oasis Member from Washington State)

What's Included In Your Oasis Membership?

You receive more than $1000 in content each month for just $10.99. Here's everything that's included in your virtual support membership...

Monthly Training Videos. We partner with world-leading experts and top influencers in the adoption & foster care space to provide relevant, insightful training content.

Weekly Online Chat & Video Calls. Oasis employs an entire team of understanding, caring parents who are available all week long to offer encouragement to you.

Downloadable Resources. We curate the most helpful resources and provide them at your fingertips through our resource center.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls. We have a team of trauma-trained therapists from around the country, who join us online every few months to answer your biggest questions! 

Community Forum. One of the biggest support elements of Oasis is our forum where you can interact with fellow members, ask advice, or get feedback.

Core Training Content We partner with world-leading experts and trainers to deliver core training content series and downloads all year long. 

And BRAND NEW to Oasis Community...


We recognize that now, more than ever, we need to connect to other parents. We need the community support and encouragement as we take each day, step-by-step. Our team is committed to walking with you and connecting with you. That's why, every week, we will be here through our Community Meet Up. The Meet-Up will take place online exclusively through our webinar software. Each week you'll receive a link to join in the conversation. You'll have the chance to chat live with our team and one another, and then you can catch the full replay within the Oasis Member portal


Let's be honest, we don't just need a monthly or even weekly support group. We need an everyday support group. One of the best parts of Oasis is that it's available 24-7, 365 days a year. And because you often need support immediately, we've launched our special Members-Only Facebook Group to provide an outlet for you to seek advice, exchange valuable resources, and connect with our team whenever you need to. It's another way we are providing support to you in a season where you need it the most


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